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Safety Rules 

  • Please wear suitable clothing and closed toed shoes. Some clays and glazes stain clothing. 

  • Please keep dust down. Silica dust is harmful to your health.

  • Avoid Sanding. If sanding is absolutely necessary, please do this outside the studio. 

  • Clean up after yourself including work area, tools and the floor. Do not sweep, wet mop only. 

  • Please review our 

The Sink 

Do not let clay go down the drain. 

  • Please remove as much clay as possible from splash pans, buckets, bats and tools before using the sink.

  • Please recycle clay or use the “SLOP” bucket.

  • After removing all extra clay, dump buckets and rinse all splash pans, buckets, bats and tools into the bucket in the sink. Do not rinse things directly into the sink. 



  • Make sure your piece is bone dry before putting on the shelf for bisque firing.

  • Mark each of your pieces so they are easily identifiable. Please use your name or initials.

  • Easing over sharp edges with a damp sponge or finger will help to avoid any sanding later. 



*Instructors will provide a demonstration of the whole glaze process before students glaze pieces on their own, please do not glaze without instruction. 


  • Wax the bottom each piece or surface that will rest on the kiln shelf during firing and 1⁄4 inch up the side of the piece.

  • Stir glaze until fully combined. (Improperly mixed glazes result in unwanted outcomes and may lead to altered glaze composition over time.) Leave the toilet brush in the bucket and don"t mix them up. Please use one bucket of glaze at a time to avoid cross contamination.

  •  Dip piece in and out of glaze without pausing in the bucket. Do not over-apply the glaze. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying a second dip. Too much glaze will result in unwanted outcomes and kiln shelf damage.

  •  Completely clean waxed areas of any glaze and place on the cart for glaze firing.

  •  Students will be responsible for the cost of replacing damaged kiln shelving due to improper glazing technique; if you are unsure about your glazing, please talk with your instructor.

  •  Clean your work area and floor when finished glazing. Replace lid to glaze bucket, wipe bucket and replace under table.


Unless otherwise notified, pieces that are not picked up will be discarded after 30 days.


If you need further assistance, please contact us at:

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