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Our Beginning

Stan Cheren.jpg

Stan Cheren is the founder of our studio. He began the journey in August of 2018 by driving a UHaul to South Carolina, where he purchased the studio equipment from a retiring ceramic artist. Stan overcame many obstacles over the next few months, including hurricanes and flooding, while working to set up the new studio. In January 2019, he opened Chatham Clay Studio's doors to our inaugural class. He even kept us going through the pandemic.

Stan's dream was to create a creative space where everyone felt welcome to come and explore their imagination. He would spend time in the studio working and sharing ideas with students. He especially liked to show visitors around the studio. Stan always kept the coffee, tea and candy supply well-stocked. 

Unfortunately, Stan was only beginning to see his vision come into focus when he passed away in the fall of 2021. His passing was difficult for our studio community. To continue the wonderful community that Stan began in this studio, we have formed ClayWorx Studios. Our mission is to continue to provide a welcoming creative space for students to stretch their imagination and encourage creativity, no matter the skill level. 

Our Instructors

Jane Burgess.jpg

 Jane Burgess teaches classes on Sundays.  She provides instruction on wheel throwing with a focus on beginning cylinders. 


 Rachael Clemens teaches class on Monday mornings.  She provides instruction on wheel throwing with a focus on functional ware. 

Debbie Englund.jpg

 Debbie Englund teaches classes on weekday evenings.  She provides instruction on wheel throwing and hand building with a focus on developing individual artist's style. 

Lara O'Keefe.jpg

 Lara O'Keefe teaches classes on Tuesday.  She provides instruction on wheel throwing with a focus on functional pottery. .

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